Hydronic Air Heating

Hydronic heat (also known as Pureheat) is the newest form of heating on the market and it offers a wide range of benefits.

Bringing clean, dry heat to the job site.

“The Pureheat hydronic air heater provides temporary heat for large buildings, removes excess moisture from the workplace, and saves up to 50% of the fuel over traditional methods. With accessories, such as hose handling systems, this portable unit can also be used to cure concrete, thaw frozen ground and prevent frost. The PureHeat offers simple operation”



Additional Advantages

  •     The Pureheat has no open flame for added safety in the work space and dependable with no flame blowout in high wind conditions.
  •     Unit features 83% heater efficiency with 860,000 BTU/hr input.
  •     Flexible fuel choice.  Burners available in three options: diesel, natural gas or propane.
  •     The on-board hose connection manifolds are conveniently located for easy access on the trailer. Connect and disconnect hoses with ease using Pureheat’s simple, heavy-duty quick-connect fittings.
  •     Powerful liquid-to-air heat exchangers bring clean, dry heat to your workspace. Three models are available: HX50 (50,000 BTU/hr), HX100 (100,000 BTU/hr), and HX200 (200,000 BTU/hr).
  •     Store and transport all system hoses inside the trailer on the heavy-duty self-contained hose reel with electric rewind, clutch and brake.



















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