Direct Fired Heating

Direct Fired Heat offers near perfect efficiency – as none of the heat is lost to a heat exchanger, exhaust or venting. There are still applications that call for direct fired heat, so it remains an affordable staple to this day.


L.B. White Premier 80 / 170 / 350

With their clean look, quiet operation and fuel efficient direct-fired design, L.B. White Premier heaters deliver safe, dependable heating and air circulation in any setting.

Premier heaters offer the following benefits:

  • All units feature the direct spark ignition system.
  • Premier units offer the quietest operation available in this BTU range.
  • All units feature a remote thermostat on at 20’ line – allowing you to set the comfort level accurately.
  • The ultimate in portability – these units are easy to move and install.
  • A totally enclosed flame.
  • Built-in temperature management.
  • Air flow safety devices.
  • Fully enclosed electronics.
  • Fully enclosed, powerful fan.

All units meet or exceed C.S.A. specifications.


Sure Flame 150k – 1.5 Million.

When it comes to open flame, direct fired heaters, Sure Flame is the industry leader.  With the safest, simplest equipment, Sure Flame can deliver the BTUs without a lot of headaches or down time.

The S150 & S300 both feature:

  • Regulator and 15’ of hose.
  • 100% flame safe pilot.
  • Lightweight & balanced making them easy to move.
  • Circulate air without optional fan (no electricity needed).
  • Optional fan available (FN2) to enhance efficiency and CFM.


The S400 features:

Electric spark ignition – positive lighting.

Quick changeover propane / natural gas.

Safety protection – air sensing switch & high temperature shutdown.

Easy one-person relocation.

Tough steel construction – withstands hard use on the jobsite.

Thermostatically controlled, high-low-off flame provides more consistent, even temperature, plus less gas consumption (optional).


The SL11E & S1500E Both Feature:

Forgiving design for more reliable operation in low voltage conditions

Low-amp motor for reduced power consumption

Electric spark ignition – positive lighting

Quick changeover program / natural gas

Safety protection – air sensing switch & high temperature shutdown

Easy one-person relocation – large 8” wheels

Tough, sturdy frame allows for easy stacking & saves space

Lifting loop & carry bars makes moving with a fork lift simple thermostatically controlled, high-low-off flame provides more consistent, even temperature, plus less gas consumption (optional on SL11E)

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